What color shirt goes with dark green suit men?

dark green suit men
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When selecting shirt color with dark green suit combinations, it is tricky to style a perfect combination shirt color which compliment the best. There are a few options available to create an elegant slim fit attire. Pairing a white or grey shirt is a good option for a formal gatherings. If you are looking for more casual shirt option for dark green suit combinations, try it with a turtle neck shirt or t-shirt for a stylish look.

Green color is a must-have to be a wardrobe staple for both men and women. It goes well with all kind of clothes, ranging from casual to business events and everything in between. Men usually love wearing a dark green double breasted suit in formal gatherings.

A dark green shade can be a perfect choice for various shirts. The shirt color is a an aspect of the outfit; first, ensure it matches your personality. There are many shades for formal attire like white, black, charcoal or gold, and some informal shirt styles like printed, floral and turtleneck.  You should select the color according to the event and your personality for an exceptional look. This section is about the color of a shirt and its relation to the suit.

In this post, we will discuss dark green suit combination with shirts to help you look out standing and stylish and for the shoes guide, you can explore our post here.


Popular shirt colors with dark green suit combination

A dark green suit can be a versatile and stylish choice, and there are several shirt colors that pair well with it. In this post, we will discuss about some popular shirts options.


Dark green Lazio suit with white shirt

If you want to wear a dark green Lazio suit white dress shirt, you can create a luxurious and elegant look in the party or may become a show stopper. The best option is with some buttons and pocket square. Your suit should be according to your body type, comfort and your complexion. The selection of shirt and tie is an indicator of your personality. White shirt is the best for a man who likes to be in control. Every party suit, including dark green prom suit, looks great with a white dress shirt and vest because it is a timeless classic.


Dark green suit with black shirt

Every man should own a green suit because it’s a popular color. A dark green tweed suit with black shirt and oxford dark brown shoes gives more sophisticated and exceptional look. The best reflection occurs when dark green and black are combined. The depth of black helps bring out the brilliant tone of the shirt.

It is always a good idea to wear a dark green suit with black shirt, especially if you’re making a nature design. You can wear striped shirts with a bow too. If you are attending casual events or parties, wear a t-shirt and loafers with.


Light blue shirt

Although the light blue shirt is the standard for men’s attire, wearing one with an emerald green suit can be challenging. For this outfit to function, you must ensure that every element matches the light blue dress shirt. You can pair tie of navy blue dark shades with dress shoes for effortless versatility.

Light blue creates a more neutral overall appearance. It’s better to go tie-free while wearing a light blue dress shirt with strip or pattern.


Floral pattern dress shirt

Another option is dark green blazer with a floral shirt for creating a classic appearance with a modern twist. You dare to wear anything that suits you perfectly and enhance your personality. A dark green color fits nicely with flowery or printed shirts and completes the look. 

Aqua green, turquoise green, or any other lighter green tone appears luxurious with a floral pattern dress shirt. To add freshness to your distinctive attire, you may choose any lighter green suit colors that fits well. 


Dark green shirt

For the most adventurous look, dark green shirt could be a great choice because the color of the suit and shirt are a strong indicator of how the person will look on the day. You can use this green combination for a wedding party to stand out of crowd. Using a same color dark shirt can make your attire more formal and eye catching. You can wear burgundy or brown shoes with this outfit for an extravagant look.


Charcoal shirt

Any shade of charcoal can be perfect with a dark green Lazio suit. It will aid in enhancing the suit’s green tones. An eye-catching formal outfit can be your personality indicator in any occasion. There is just one appropriate tie color, and that is black. Although, you might love wearing a green tie for an incredible look.


Turtleneck shirt

We’ve recently seen the newest trend in men’s fashion, wearing turtlenecks under suits. This casual outfit has the potential to be quite stylish and photogenic. For instance, a black turtleneck makes a casually ensemble. On the plus side, a white or beige turtleneck will give you a happier outlook or any color, which suits your personality.


Dark green linen suit with t-shirt

This casually elegant outfit features a dark green linen suit with t-shirt, which is not unusual, and a crisp white crew neck to highlight the suit’s green tones. 

Finish the appearance with a pair of equally classy and refined white sneakers to add a touch of fashionable ease to the fit. Another, simple and modern appearance is a white polo shirt with white sneakers. 


Final thoughts

In this article, we tired to discuss some popular combinations of dark green suit men. For more detailed guide about green suit combinations, you can check this post.

Whatever the color of your shirt is, you can style it according to your personality. I like green and all different shade of this color because it gives me the elegant and fresh feel. You can adapt exceptional combinations with this lovely color in winters too. You can style a blazer or jacket for the casual gatherings and parties. Some people like wearing darker shirts and some like lighter shades but in my view, a darker shade of green works well with the lighter shades of shirts.

What do you think?

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